Helping you take care of your furry friends!

What We Do...


Dog Walking

We love connecting with your furry friend and creating an everlasting relationship. We care for your fur baby as if they were our own. Offering both one-on-one and pack walks, we'll ensure that your pooch releases all their doggie energy while catering to their daily needs. At the end of our adventure together, your best friend will return home happy, well cared for and well exercised.


Puppy/Kitty & Senior Visits

When you live a busy life, it's hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your furry friend demands. Puppies, kitties and seniors have small bladders and sometimes require more attention. We are here fur them, offering 30 minute puppy, senior and kitty visits


Vet & Groomer Chauffeur

Too busy or unable to take your furry friend to their appointments? We can help! Offering pick up and drop off services for your pooch or kitty within Peterborough City and surrounding area.



Cheryl is a long time dear friend but aside from that she loves animals and I wanted to support her new endeavours with dog walking and pet minding. I forgot she is allergic to cats and we have 3 kitties; she still took on the task with allergy meds in tow. She took on the daily task of feeding, watering, playing and doing the litter boxes. Almost every day she sent us texts with pics or videos of our furbabies. I could not help but notice early pics: they wouldn’t even look at her camera. But...Cheryl is such a bubbly warm compassion soul the boys all warmed up to “Auntie Cheryl” and actually looked at the camera and came to her in videos. Thanks Cheryl for an excellent job...oh and I forgot to mention feeding the fish too. And how she got the boys to purchase my favourite spring flowers (tulips) is beyond me and along with a “welcome home” note. You are so great Cheryl! Thanks sweetie! All the best with your new business. You are a #12 out of 10!❤️🙏 Angie and John